The Advising Programs Office administers various programs in support of undergraduate academic advising. In the course of the year, we will continue building out this page with information on all of our programs. The landing pages for each of these programs will include overviews and, as appropriate, links to sign-up and feedback tools.

APO Programs

Advising Corner

Advising Corner enables first-year students to connect with advisers during lunch hours in Annenberg.  Read more ...

Advising Event Grants

Advising Event Grants support department-initiated advising programs.  Read more

Advising Fortnight

Advising Fortnight .......  

Board of First-Year Advisers

For over 125 years, the Board of First-Year Advisers has helped Harvard students transition to college life and academics. Read more...

Peer Advising Fellows

A Peer Advising Fellow (PAF) is a sophomore, junior, or senior at the College who has been specially selected and trained to offer advice and assistance throughout students’ first year at Harvard. Read more...

Professors and Pastries

Professors and Pastries connects first-year students with some of Harvard’s amazing teachers and mentors.  Read more